Payroll Services

Payroll is an essential component of every business, but getting a payroll done accurately, and managed properly, could be a challenge to a business in its initial stage. We help our clients set up executives’ and employees’ payroll structures so that they are compliant with Japanese labor laws and the Income Tax Act. We build the entire payroll procedure, calculate it, and make the payments to our clients’ staff. We also produce payroll reports in our clients’ specific company format, if needed.

Our payroll services include running a regular payroll, bonuses, commissions, gross-up allowances, housing allowances, and payments for withholding taxes and social insurance premiums. Payments are made directly into employees’ bank accounts, and payslips, either in English or Japanese, are sent to our clients’ offices in Japan. It is also possible to send the payment details to each person by using Web. 

Our specialized services for payroll

  • Setting up executives’ and employees’ payroll
  • Calculating the payroll, bonuses, and commissions
  • Producing payslips
  • Processing payment for each employee
  • Calculating and making payments of employees’ withholding income tax and inhabitant tax
  • Calculating and making payments of employees’ social insurance premiums
  • Producing a payroll report
  • Calculating annual year-end adjustments for employees