Cash Flow Management Services

Our cash flow management services include management of bank accounts, processing payment of invoices, tracking of account receivables, employees’ expense reports, and monthly cash flow forecasts.

Management of bank accounts

We set up an online banking system. With this system, we have quick access to our clients’ bank accounts and watch over their activities. If required, we are able to create weekly/monthly bank reports so that our clients can check their business activities directly.

Processing payment of invoices

After receiving payment approval from our clients, we make payments through online banking.

Tracking of account receivables

We monitor payments of account receivables into our clients’ bank accounts and produce reports of the balances, if needed.

Employees’ expense reports

We produce employees’ expense reports. Simply, our clients collect and send the receipts to us. We calculate their employees’ expenses based on the documents provided, make the necessary payments, and report back to our clients.

We use our clients’ format for reporting employees’ expenses, including following their guidelines to process the expenses, where required.

Monthly cash flow forecasts

We produce monthly cash flow forecasts. The range of the forecast can be from one to three months.

Our specialized cash flow management services

  • Managing your bank account
  • Processing payment of your invoices
  • Tracking account receivables
  • Calculating employee’s expenses
  • Processing payments of the expenses
  • Producing expense reports
  • Producing monthly cash flow forecasts