The team of Plus One Service Co., Ltd./Takigawa Tax Accountant Office specializes in accounting, payroll calculation, social insurance, and legal procedures, such as business registrations and tax conventions between Japan and other countries. We challenge ourselves to be our clients’ best partner in business on any given day.

Representative Director

Yoshikazu Takigawa

Worked for a Swedish company in Japan for 28 years and gained experience predominantly in accounting, logistics, and personnel management. He initiated the establishment of Plus One Service Co., Ltd. in 1993 as its Representative Director.

Representative Tax Accountant

Hisako Takigawa (Certified Tax Accountant)

Co-founded Plus One Service Co., Ltd. and Takigawa Tax Accountant Office together with Yoshikazu Takigawa. With seven years’ experience at an international law office and over 10 years’ experience working for foreign-affiliated companies (U.S. and Swedish) in Japan, her knowledge and deep understanding of the business activities of foreign-affiliated companies in Japan gives Plus One Service Co., Ltd. an edge.

Accounting Manager

Taku Terao

Passed some of the tax accountant exams and started his career at a Japanese tax office. After gaining a year’s experience, he joined Plus One Service Co., Ltd. in September 2002. He is in charge of accounting and all other services for both Japanese and international clients.


Ai Murakami

Majored in international accounting and studied in Canada. After working at a foreign-affiliated company, she joined Plus One Service Co., Ltd. in 2007.

Taichi Ueno

After completing his MBA in the U.S. and returning to Japan in 2010, he started working at Plus One Service Co., Ltd. in 2011.

Koichi Ehara (Certified Tax Accountant)

joined Plus One Service Co., Ltd. in 2012 and registered as a certified tax accountant in December, 2015.

Ayako Hashimoto

After having worked as an accountant at other accounting firms, I started working at Plus One Service Co., Ltd. since November 2014. Currently, my role is to assist my senior accountants by engaging in various works. I do my best to develop my expertise as an accountant to be of any help for our clients.

Tomoka Seki

Joined Plus One Service Co.,Ltd in 2015. She passed some of the tax and public accountant exams in 2014 and has continued the study, aiming to be a certified tax accountant.