Our Partners

By working in cooperation with our partners, we provide sophisticated services that cover as many spheres of business activity in Japan as possible. Together, we offer precise information about not only tax and accounting matters, but also legal issues relating to employment and contracts.

Nishimura & Asahi Law Office

Nishimura Asahi Law Office is one of the biggest and oldest law firms in Japan. They provide a full range of legal services in all areas of business law both in Japan and overseas.

Wada Legal Office

Wada Legal Office specializes in various fields of law, such as the Corporation Law, the Commercial Registration Act, and the Commercial Code in Japan.

Nakai Immigration Services LPC

Nakai Immigration Services LPC is a specialist company that deals with immigration issues for foreign employees working in Japan. They help us provide our clients with accurate information and procedures with respect to the working status of foreign employees, their working visas, etc.